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Marangu Route
Marangu route which is also known as the Coca coca route is considered to be the easiest routes by hikers to reach the Uhuru peak ( top) of Mt. Kilimanjaro. But unfortunately, the success rate is lower. According to KINAPA’s official figures, only 42% climbers have successfully reached the summit via this route. But it is also a fact that, this is the only route that offers comfortable sleeping buts that are equipped with beds and mattress.

Machame Route
Machame route is the most popular, successful and beautiful trekking route to the peak of Mt.Kilimanjaro. It takes 5 nights and 6 days to acclimatise with this picturesque route and hence reach the Uhuru summit successfully

Umbwe Route
Umbwe route is known for the caves and is the shortest route to the Southern Glaciers and the Western Breach. It is the most scenic and nontechnical route to climb the Mt. Kilimanjaro

Shira Route
Shira route is one of the fascinating routes to trek Mount Kilimanjaro. The spectacular views make trekking a more soothing experience. You can drive 4 wheeler vehicles on this route depending on the weather conditions

Lemosho Route
Lemosho route is considered as the most quieter routes to Kilimanjaro, but is also the longest route! It is the most picturesque and unspoilt routes and the wildness can be experienced while crossing through the beautiful forests and moorlands.

Along with these 5 routes, there are many other routes too like Rongai route, Mweka route, and much more. And to avoid any confusion while choosing a suitable and favourable route for you to reach Uhuru summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro successfully, hire expert tour operators like Scan Tan Tours and our authorised guides

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Kili Machame 7 days (K5)

Kili Umbwe 6 days (K6)

Kili Machame 8 days

Kili Marangu 5 days (K1)

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