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In Swahili safari simply means ‘to travel’ but today the terms has been universally adopted to describe a journey into the African wilderness. As opposed to those pioneering days where one would be lucky to find a trodden footpath, a safari today offers a variety of possibilities to suit the taste, interest and budget of the individual traveller.

Transportation can either be done on your own feet, on horseback, in a specially modified 4×4 safari vehicle or indeed drifting silently over the endless plains of Serengeti in a balloon. When night falls you have a variety of lodges and hotels to chose between or you can do it is as it has always been done- camping.

Scan Tan Tours has its own camping department that will ensure that you will dine and sleep comfortably under the African sky and we also have close cooperation with selected hotels and lodge operators throughout Tanzania and Kenya so that we can offer you a the ideal final safari package.


Camp-Lodge Safari 14 days (K2)

Lodge Safari 7 days (L1)

Camp Safari 7 days (C1)

Camp Safari 14 days (C3)

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