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What is new about Zanzibar, the spice island mostly visited after the hectic trekking of animals in Tanzania and Uganda for chilling? Is it for Zanzibar Water Sports or anything else? Zanzibar is a destination where unity lies with diversity. Zanzibar’s beaches differ, but almost all feature crystal-clear waters with powdery-white sand that trickles through the toes. Waves of pristine blue waters crash on the soft sand as you walk hand-in-hand for taking up some water adventure sports. From tiny islands to the larger ones like Unguja and Pemba, the beaches are stunning with lined palm trees and the powdery white sand. For a remote taste, Mafia Island offers some superb diving and snorkelling in its own marine park, served by just a few small lodges. Everyone may be the writer, poet, nature lover, or honeymooner, Zanzibar is a divine place for them to enjoy chill


Kili Machame 8 days

Lodge Safari 10 days (L2)

Camp Safari 14 days (C3)

Camp Safari 10 days (C2)

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